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“The ana sanctuary: Women's pro-anorexia narratives in cyberspace”. Journal of  ana. anabolic. anachronism.

Ana nickname for anorexia

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Ana (not the name) (pronounced like the name, Anna) The shortened term of the word Anorexicor Anorexia. Many people who use this word mostly use it in their writing or screen names. Like a secret way to say anorexic/anorexiawithout actually saying it. Ana is the nickname given to anorexia nervosa by people affected by it. He revealed that his eating problems developed from the time of Freak Show (May 1996) and when Neon Ballroom was written he "hated music, really everything about it", but felt that he "couldn't stop doing it; I felt like a slave to it." "Ana" is a common 'nickname' for anorexia. I really doubt the part "please die ana" is really about Diana; but he's saying he wishes he could get rid of his eating disorder. It's a very touching song with beautiful lyrics that I [and many others, even those who aren't anorexic] can relate to strongly.

for you Pebble” she didn't even blink at or question the special nickname she just smiled and grabbed for his hand.
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Binge eating disorder-BED. Slang for anorexia. Slang for. anorexia. As you've probably noticed, the slang synonyms for " anorexia " are listed above.

I'm Ana 873 I know Ana 492.
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