The dust cover is also still in nice condition, with some spots on the back corners (see the last photo). The Thorens TD-165 is a belt-driven record player It is 05/04/2020 Thorens TD 124 Swiss Machine – There are quite a few legendary names in high fidelity which are capable of sparking joy in the hearts of most audiophiles when mentioned. The record player we are talking about here – the Thorens TD 124 – certainly occupies a place at the top of the ranking. The Thorens TD 160 Motor is most definitely worth repairing. In its day it was the apex of vinyl turntable engineering and its durability is a testament to self-lubricating motors. They were hand assembled and pressed together so they can be rebuilt.

Thorens td 165

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958. Location: NH. The TD-165 is most definitely worth owning! It is slightly less desireable than the 145/160 because the platter bearing is smaller. I personally think 9 out of ten people couldn't hear the difference if all other things were equal. The anti-skate is different, too, but I actaully prefer the 165s. Go to the Thorens Dept.

The Thorens TD-165 is The famous Thorens TD 165, classic with clear, stable sound with very neutral character. The musical characteristics are very good.

500:- inkl brum.. Nu vill jag göra det till ett bra pris på spelaren genom att få bort brummet. Så fort jag kom hem med spelaren så öppna jag den och titta om jag kunde se något som orsakade brum, och visst hittade jag något!! Thorens TD-124 är retroentusiasternas våta dröm. Välskötta exemplar finns inte kvar länge på begagnatmarknaden. I likhet med grammofoner från bland annat Garrard, EMT och Technics är det trots åldern fullt möjligt att få ett otroligt bra ljud.

Välskötta exemplar finns inte kvar länge på begagnatmarknaden.
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Thorens Parts for TD-160, TD-145, TD-125, TD-147, TD-165, TD-166 turntables. Find your replacement or upgrade Thorens parts here, as well as the expert advice to successfully perform the repair, mod, or service. Vinyl Nirvana - Vintage AR and Thorens Turntable Sales, Parts, and Restorations En Thorens TD-165 i mycket bra skick.

Lagerstatus: 0 st Tillbaka. REHIFI AB Köpmannagatan 26 24565 Hjärup Org.nr:556870-1006 Skandinaviens största butik för Begagnad HiFi - 046-150603 - info@rehifi.se Nyhetsbrev. Jag vill prenumerera på nyhetsbrevet 2016-02-29 165; 166 Thorens TD-309 Review 13 Jun Lawrie. An astounding piece of engineering-art.
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The TD-165 belongs to the 100 series. The owners manual is used as an reference guide, instruction manual and instruction book. The service manual functions as a repair guide for troubleshooting and sometimes contains tips for refurbishing and modifications. Jag va i sthlm och köpte mig en beg Thorens TD 165 spelare förra veckan.